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you think it was me?
that i was controlling her?
she was controlling me.

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There are no small roles, only small actors, you make the most of what you have.

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starting a series of fairytales! But told in my own way So here’s the first one about a princess who only wanted to have her outside match her inside.

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Cons of pointing out that the vast majority of aces are sex-repulsed or celibate: People might think you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t want sex

Cons of acting like the majority of aces are sex-favorable (i.e. want to have sex): reinforcing rape culture by giving the false idea that asexual people (the majority of whom are woman) are still sexually available.

nah. more like

- further othering/removing grey/demi folks from the community

- removing space for anyone on the ace-spectrum to talk about sex at all other than ew no

- making it harder for aces seeking out sex to do so safely/consensually and figure out their own boundaries

- recreating impossible elitist hierarchies of “true asexual” and making it harder for people to identify as ace-spectrum at all

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I hate how your mind thinks of something really creepy and you try to act all casual about it like “haha that would be creepy if a demon came up behind me and tried to breathe on me hahahahaha” then you go and turn every single light on and call your mom.

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Mason being protective of his friends, and people he barely knows (✿◠‿◠)

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graphics battle ↔ badassbilinski vs myhales

1. favourite character + colour palette

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do you ever see your celebrity crush being a giant nerd and think “ah yes. this is the person i want to rub my face on”

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it’s me

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