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I’m sorry but I was not prepared to find out that derek hale is a landlord in canon

derek hale, the enigmatic landlord who lives on the top floor, has a second cell phone for tenants to call him on, sometimes let’s the students in 6B pay their rent late because he knows how it is. derek hale plunging toilets and changing locks and drawing up leases. bless this character development

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Derek are you one of those people who keeps all his money in a plastic bag under his bed because I feel you are

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Malia’s beanie appreciation post :)

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Is Kira good at math?  What foods does she like?  Does she like to read or does she like movies more?  What does she do in her spare time?

Does Braeden have any siblings?  Does she know her parents?  Are her parents still alive?  Did she go to public school?

who knows

not me

I’d argue that out of all the “girlfriend” characters we have rn Malia is the one being given the most agency and storyline?

which I think is reeeeeally notable since both Kira and Braeden have actually been in the show longer but we know nothing about either of them

someone on my dash just tried to say that because the Sheriff referred to Malia as “your gf” to Stiles that’s all her character serves as?


we have chips and french onion dip

crisis averted

I passed!

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Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue


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prettyinsoulpunk replied to your post:
OMG that sounds delicious! I’ll have to check for those next time I go. And yesssssss I love late night Walmart runs too! I went the other night at like 2am. XD

They are in like these little circular containers by the cheesecake and stuff :3  and yesss, me and my friend once spent 5 hours walking around walmart from 1am - 6am just looking at stuff and playing on this scooter thing they had in the toy aisle (in hindsight we might be miscreants lol) while we waited for the black friday sales

I’m always awake all night anyway so I love shopping at night

prettyinsoulpunk replied to your post:
I’m not drunk (though I wish I was XD) but now I want to go to Walmart too. Why do we live so far apart? I would totally go with you! :D

awwww man D: that would be so great, nighttime walmart runs are my favorite.  They recently started carrying these chocolate mousse/graham cracker things in the bakery at ours and they are so gooood :O

I am very drunk but I want to go to walmart :(




how did this conversation with derek even go was scott just like “derek can i borrow your place for date night??? nothing ever goes wrong when people hook up at your place!!!”

and did derek just start laughing on his couch, keep laughing to his coat on the desk, continue laughing as he put it on and walked out the door, tossing scott his keys at the last second before disappearing???

before texting lydia for the number of her industrial clean up crew for when he inevitably got kidnapped and so they can burn the couch

How is it in any way not weird to ask your friend if you can have sex on their couch? Is that a thing people do?

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